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Victreebel Roblox Pokemon Fighters Ex Guide Wikia. Victreebel 071 Grass/Poison Tentacool 072 Water/Poison Slowpoke 079 Water/Psychic Slowbro 080 Water/Psychic Magnemite 081 Electric/Steel Magneton 082 Electric/Steel Doduo 084 Normal/Flying (Roblox)Pokemon Fighters EX Wiki is a.

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Egg learned by Bellsprout but not Victreebel Acid Spray 20 40 100% Lowers the target’s Special Defense by two stages Belch 10 120 90% Can only be used after the user has eaten a berry Bullet Seed 30 25 100% Hits 25 times in one turn Clear Smog 15 50 — Removes all of the target’s stat modifiers Encore 5 — 100%Missing wikiaMust include.

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