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Ugandan Knuckles Roblox Dev Forum. BREAKING NEWS! On the Roblox dev forum the user Nightgaladeld has declared that the popular meme “Ugandan Knuckles” popularized by VRChat Night stated”Unfortunately the origins of the meme are based in racist jokes about the Ugandan people and the Swahili language As such images and references to the meme are not allowed on the Roblox.

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A full list can be found on our rules page HERE but to list a few items You cannot post photos of just text including ban messages random numbers and ingame chat (to name just a few) You cannot post memes Try r/RobloxMemes or r/GoCommitDie instead You cannot post unsolicited avatar outfit posts trading posts or posts about common.

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Roblox/ This content not permitted on Roblox Banned for Hate images are is not appropriate Translation This content is not appropriate threeday ban Banned not permitted on for three days hours) The new using Roblox for is banned from The player's account three days three days (72 Hate speech is in Spanish English.

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Breaking Gaming News. Roblox has now officially banned …

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