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Tf2 Soldier Dance Roblox Id. The Kazotsky Kick had been included in the game files since Scream Fortress 2013 as an unused taunt for the Heavy titled “Taunt_Russian” Animations for the rest of the classes were prematurely teased in January 2015 The music is labeled in the files as “Cossack Sandvich” A longer version is included in the soundtrack as ” Soldier of Dance “.

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ID for track Find Roblox song IDs TF2" and also many other Apr 14 2020 "Soldier of Dance.

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Taunt: “Kazotsky Kick” (Solider of Dance)

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Soldier Of Dance ID for track Find Roblox Sep 7 2020 "Kazotsky Kick ( ) TF2" and song IDs also many other.