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Roblox Stop The Infection. Infection Infection is a permanent status effect that is immediately applied upon spawning Infection is special in that it does not wear off Instead it drains over time and running out will apply the next stage of infection Infection 1 No effects Infection 2 Minor debuffs Infection 3 More noticeable debuffs as well as 10 max healthMissing robloxMust include.

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Demolition is a survival game created by Teadowss Studios The game features players trying to stop an infection which turns players into different colored demons When players join the game they are set as human They are equipped with a bat to attack the demons If they collect rainbow crystals that are surrounded around the map they can upgrade their bats to increase their.

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@Cheedaman Earn this 19 2021 The Infection By BEAR * There be the first? Unlock Character Undead is going to will be no Badge Updated Jan last so who Badge in [VALENTINES] Coming Zombie Type.

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