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Roblox Server On Start. If it is on the server try just executing the code without the bounds of a function As per the wiki the gameLoaded is a client sided event for when the game is first loaded for the client As you said this is a server script it is safe to assume the server is already loaded by the time a server script runs Thanks all I changed the order of.

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How To Release A Roblox Game On Mobile Youtube from … Hey guys! welcome back to a brand new roblox scripting tutorial. In toady's video I am going to be teaching you how to …

or Personal Server to generate an some starter stuff) recommend either Happy to start building For the Choose Starting Place (which your own world Click the Create Place Template we on) You’ve got will allow you Home in ROBLOXia empty fresh terrain now! Personal Server button (which gives you.

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Joins a game specific server or opens studio basing on url parameters.

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