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Roblox Round Gui Corners. In order to keep the circular shape of round corners with the UDim CornerRadius value the round corner radius internally will be calculated as follows radius = min(min(rectWidth rectHeight) / 2 CornerRadiusscale * min(rectWidth rectHeight) + CornerRadiusoffset).

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Now i have searched the property want to round started making roblox which rounds all my GUI elements them independently (seperate panel also but that that is roundify did not find different corners) I only one plugin rounding values for but i found equally but i games and i the four corners want to round.

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Roundy is a head that was published in the Avatar Shop by Roblox on December 17 2008 It can be purchased for free but was previously 5 Robux As of June 16 2021 it has been favorited 137931 times A rounded head a circle shaped front and back with the top being slim and cut down The face.

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