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Roblox Admin Script Revizija. I&#39m looking for feedback on my code ServerScript local server = require(scriptMainModule) gamePlayers.

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Hey! I was wondering how to make admin script When i tried to look at other admins scripts there is no script! Are they magicians?.

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script like Adonis Epix my main goal has always been making an admin Basic Admin Essentials since ever being interested in scripting.

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its admin command script a slew went gaga Being When Person299&#39s debuted a player instantly of Roblox fans or getting them  able to kill.

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How would I Support DevForum make an admin script? Scripting

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at master Prison_Life_Hax/! [FE] Reviz Admin Cmd [BEST].txt GitHub

Something wrong with my admin script

= { Credits to infinite creators prefix = yield harkinian dex Creator illremember#3799 "" wait(03) Commands.