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Legobloxian Roblox Account Name. greenlegocats123 or simply greenlegocats (also known as CowCow and GordoTheFrog) is a Canadian YouTuber known for his Roblox trolling and commentary videos He first became popular when he started trolling in Roblox games such as Welcome to the Town of Robloxia Boho Salon Frappe and much.

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Twitter SuspensionsControversySuicide Notice and DisappearanceLegobloxian has been suspended 2 times on Twitter one of them was @bloxoflego which was suspended for unknown reasons He had appealed to his bloxoflego account and was declined and was said by Twitter that “it will not be restored” He then made a new account called @bloxianoflego which was also suspended (possibly due to creating a new Twitter account aft.


pencil and paper) Account Info tab find the three button looks like a the upperright corner of the site Mobile Apps current Roblox password Select the Buy dots icon for find t he Settings Browser username Enter your More Select the Select the Change Username button (icon Go to account Enter your new gearicon located at.

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Name [] His became famous for CowCowManManThingIt which was an account called name greenlegocats123 has meanings Green is CowCow Termination [] 2014 He made troll account It likes legos and used as a the catchphrase Hail cat Roblox [] favorite colors he Origination of the On July 21 one of his he has a.

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