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How To Unpause In Roblox Studio. If you press the backslash ( \ ) key the game will advance by one frame In order to unpause the game press the F key If you don’t want the game to be slowed down press the E key NOTE If you either unpause the game or disable slowdown while the game is paused you’ll have to press the frame advance key after doing so.

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AnimationTrackPause () Instead making a gun equip hold and unequip animation you could make 1 where it does all of those and to use the hold animation you’d just Pause () the AnimationTrack in the middle as an example why this would be useful 1 Like Problems with animation reseting to the first keyframe after “paused”Missing roblox studioMust include Jan 30 2021Dec 20 2020Mar 17 2020Aug 21 2019.

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