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How To Get Shunpo Blotch Roblox. OverviewPerksUpdate HistoryTriviaShunpo is a Hunterclass Ability When used the player will quickly dash forward with their Dagger extended dealing damage If Shunpo kills an enemy the cooldown is refreshed and stamina will be fully restored Because this Ability requires a Dagger using it with a Bow equipped automatically switches to your D.

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You MUST have Shikai first before attempting to get Bankai you must have atleast Level 50 which means you must have 100 Stat points Meditation again?! You must meditate once again but this time with your Shikai out you must wait untill your Reiatsu drains all the way to 0 after this happens you’ll be prompted to fight your Bankai spiritMissing robloxMust include.

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