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How To Create Abnormal Shapes In Roblox. Using only bricks USE WEDGES SPHERES AND CYLINDERS too! Using a brick object exclusive is restrictive use other object shapes as possible Using free models This is not much of a big deal but do please at least change the object some what or make it fit well with the rest of the place so it doesn’t seem too obvious as free model Artistic stuff.

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I personaly download free mesh packs from the roblox library The are a ton and they work great If you want to create your own custom shapes you could either learn how to use a little program called blender Create them there then transfer the meshes back into studio Or you can mess around with Studios built in tools.

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Instancenew("Part") Create the part a local part = the color to Workspace partShape = part into the black partName = "JurrasicPart" Anchor the part part hehe partAnchored = true Name the 1) Set partParent = gameWorkspace = Color3new(1 1 Put the a new part ball shape partColor EnumPartTypeBall Give.

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