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How To Add Owners In Hd Admin Roblox. Now Just Click on the edit button in the top right of your game this will open Roblox studio for that game In the top bar click on the VIEW option and load up the Explorer and Toolbox After entering into Toolbox navigate to Inventory then this will load the inventory that we recently added to admin Now you have click on HD admin and Drag.

How To Add And Configure Kohls Admin Infinite On Roblox Youtube how to add owners in hd admin roblox
How To Add And Configure Kohls Admin Infinite On Roblox Youtube from 12:10

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How to add HD Admin to your Roblox game To add HD admin to your game add it to your inventory In a new or existing game open up the explorer Select the inventory tab Once you’ve found HD Admin in your inventory add it to your game’s workspace Now you can load up your game set up different player roles and commands Check out their tutorials for more.

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