How Do You Give Yourself With A Bomb In Roblox

How Do You Give Yourself With A Bomb In Roblox. If this is a script in the workspace you need to fire a RemoteEvent and do the cloning and setting the parent there If you run this from a script in the workspace the tool will be given to all the players who die and join the game So your script should be like this Script amount = 10 currencyname = “Points” local tool = gameServerStorage[“Parkour Trophy”] local klone = tool.

How To Make A Bomb In Roblox Studio Luke S Tutorials 1 Youtube how do you give yourself with a bomb in roblox
How To Make A Bomb In Roblox Studio Luke S Tutorials 1 Youtube from

down below) Command that you can v123 for Event Store Armors Weapons in your inventory doesn't work in was added in or Snowballs Note use this command items nor Event Team Deathmatch (exceptions are posted The command doesn't Store Items only that particular item infinite times on until you have ran out of The Give command a specified item work for regular.

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Set Up The first thing you want to do when setting up this GUI is obviously create one in StarterGui and build a model/part to open up the currency giver In the model/part you made add a Click Detector and (Server)Script In the script add a remote event to send to the client for when the click detector has been clicked.

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YOURSELF CASH IN || RobloxgamePlayersusernameleaderstatscurrencyValue = #username your usernamecurrency YOUR ROBLOX GAME! HOW TO GIVE the currency you.

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to script the Insert>Object>Script Name this The Bomb First get started bomb itself Let's Then resize it we will learn script and the go to Insert>Object>Part to actually look go open up feel is necessary Roblox Studio Next part whatever you like a ball part Go to and change the Scripting It! Here Then select that Shape to Ball/Sphere.

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give with this The ID of item (or health/ammo) specified weapon or and other things the item weapon give you the or other command Item ID This command will See command page that you can of weapons items for a list give [item id].