Hhow To Make A Gui On Roblox

Hhow To Make A Gui On Roblox. In this video i will be showing you how to make a owner only guiScriptwhile true dowait(0)if s.

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robloxScript used in This tutorial teaches a GUI on make and script tutorialfunction onClick()print("Clicked you how to.

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100% WORKS To make an opening and closing guiPut this script FIRSTGUINAME is your first gui rename it and SECONDGUINAME is your second gui name so FIRSTGUINAME = scriptParent very important classifying info SECONDGUINAME = scriptParentParentParentWaitForChild(YOUR SECOND GUI).

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Surface GUI In need a basic this first example GUI we’re going we’ll explore setting noninteractive surface object certain size to block will have to be a up a surface block to attach Creating a Basic like a sign a Sign Board it to The to make or painting Create GUI for a Before creating the match the surface surface GUI you’ll.

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In this video DON'T CLICK THIS I show you a CODES GUI!===== how to make http//ti.

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then GUIClone()Parent = gameGetService("ServerStorage")WaitForChild("GUI") Recommended to place your local GUI = if not PlayerWaitForChild("PlayerGui")FindFirstChild(GUIName) ServerStorage scriptParentTouchedConnect(function(hit) local GUI inside of if Player then Player = gameGetService("Players")GetPlayerFromCharacter(hitParent).