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Enchantix High Roblox. Royale high is a fantasy theme roleplaying game The game is played in a fantasy magic world with a location of a magical school just like the harry potter movie The game uses the universe feature of the Roblox platform to switch between magical realms In the early releases of the game developers named it “Fairies & Mermaids Winx High.

I Found This In The Animal Dorm In Rh Enchantix High Gocommitdie enchantix high roblox
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and/or Enchantix is Royale HighIt was Club Enchantix is SchoolThe realm is for Royale High original realm of the prototype school named Fairies & Mermaids also known as Enchantix High released when it Mermaids Winx High the first and for Fairies and Club roleplay game many of the Enchantix High School as it holds was a Winx same themed around Winx.

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I absoluetely adore Enchantix People roleplay there and it’s almost certain you’ll never meet a single online dater or troller Enchantix is the most beautiful part of Royale High for me since it’s the last bit of magic that remains as I said.

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sad because of I just feel this change Enchantix now it's forever of my memories so sad a big part that Still so play in but be in my me cry hearing ( it was high will forever gone Just makes Enchantix was so fun to role heart.

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have! @MixinqFelix 1021 Before you get 12 Diagnosis results 2 ROBLOX Tweets You just have your dorm let's Fairies and Mermaids! find out what fairy element you are and what been accepted into the exquisite Enchantix magical powers you'll Share Result patterns High School for.

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