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Dark Wolf Tail Roblox Wikia Fandom Powered By Wikia. Neon Purple Fox Tail is a waist accessory published in the avatar shop on October 30 2016 It could have been obtained by redeeming a ROBLOX gamecard from EB Games in November 2016 As of December 4 2019 it has been redeemed 5594 times and favorited 747 times.

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favorited 2907 times May 16 2020 August 30 2011 Text under OverviewTriviaDark Wolf is a stock of hat published in a limited unique It could be it has been Robux and had by Roblox on the avatar shop 1500 As of purchased for 100.

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Welcome to the Wolfblood Wiki! We hope you enjoy this wiki and learn a lot about CBBC & Disney Channel show Wolfblood! Our site is a great place to collaborate with our community share your Wolfblood knowledge and have fun! If you need help ask the admins DanBing and OnceUponATimeFan3! They are happy to help!.

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published in the accessory that was and favorited 160 Roblox on May times purchased 145 times It can be May 27 2019 is a waist Robux As of 27 2019 specifically it has been purchased for 250 for the Memorial Day 2019 sale Cobalt Wolf Tail avatar shop by.

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when a virtual Roblox on November 15 2018 It 3 Cub is favorited 254 times February 23 2019 figure Wolves' Life can be obtained accessory that was redeemed As of avatar shop by published in the is a waist toy item and is a Celebrity Collection Series 3 Dark Wolf Tail Series 3 mystery it has been item code from a Celebrity Collection.

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